Private Homes and Secular Work

 Kitchen window california

Kitchen window, California

Public buildings and Livery Halls have long provided grand situations for stained glass designers and I have designed a fair share of these.

However if you believe in stained glass there is always a desire to introduce more people to its ability to fundamentally enhance one’s surroundings in private homes.

For a short spell we pushed this aspect of our work and while producing several good results it soon became apparent that this type of client was more prone to treat one like a kitchen designer, combining constant design revisions with a reluctance to pay.

I am sure that nothing has changed since.





Carpenters Hall detail

Carpenters Hall (detail)



Carpenters Hall

Carpenters Hall




Chandlers Cross residence

Chandlers Cross residence





Chequers Callaghan Thatcher Major

Chequers. Callaghan, Thatcher, Major





Chequers John Major second window

Chequers. John Major second window




Front door panel Fulham

Front door panel, Fulham



London Guildhall

London, Guildhall




Private house Kings Langley after Mucha

Private residence Kings Langley after Mucha



Private House Kings Langley

Private residence, Kings Langley



Rockliffe Spa Hotel

                      Rockliffe Spa Hotel