Fused Glass

Harrow detail

Harrow (detail)

Being involved with fused glass was never intentional but never regretted.

Research was undertaken by Keith Cummings at Whitefriars in the sixties.

 He realised that by using the flashed glass produced there many of the technical problems of the medium could be overcome.

 After a couple of years he departed, leaving a void which I filled and it was left to me to develop the technique from experimental to practical applications.

 I took to it without hesitation and it fulfilled all that my sense of colour needed.

 Though intended to counter the ecclesiastical image of stained glass, the first project was ironically the new church at Cuffley in Hertfordshire.

 Sadly my involvement came to an end on leaving Whitefriars in 1973.






cuffley 008



cuffley 012


from terracotta by Erwin Bossanyi

from Terracotta by Erwin Bossanyi




Fused 2

Blue Fused




Fused 3

Blue Pebbles



Fused 6

Green and Red panel



Fused 4

Blue Laminate





Fused 5

The Gold Bracelet





Harrow detail

Harrow detail



Swimming pool Henley in Arden

Swimming pool Henley in Arden